Gas Turbine Power Generation Solutions

Gas turbines play a critical role in the power generation market, either as base or peak load providers. To maintain efficiency, it is imperative to install the optimum air intake filtration solution.

Power Generation - Simple Cycle 1

Simple Cycle

A simple cycle gas turbine is the starting point for natural-gas-fired power generation. It does not include steam generation technologies and is commonly used to provide electricity in peak demand periods. The main advantage is its ability to reach full power output at speed.

To ramp up quickly and provide gas turbine power during periods of high demand is a vital role in the energy mix. For peak load providers, cold start issues can impact their ability to fulfil contracts and result in substantial penalties. If a turbine is kept clean through optimum filtration this will significantly reduce the risk of a gas turbine failure during start-up and lead to improved reliability and profitability.

AAF has extensive experience in supplying peak load providers with proven and reliable filtration solutions, based on your operational goals, and surrounding environmental conditions.

Power Generation - Combined Cycle 1

Combined Cycle and Combine Heat and Power

Combined cycle power plants maximise fuel efficiency by combining natural gas and steam generation technologies. This process uses the hot exhaust gas from natural gas combustion turbines to create steam, which can be used for industrial processes, district heating, or to generate additional electricity.

Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) use the heat from the turbine exhaust gases to turn water into steam. In most cases the steam is then converted back into water to create a closed system.

This type of power generation is often used for baseload power and so maintaining gas turbine efficiency can offer many cost savings, including lowering fuel usage. EPA filtration efficiency should be used to eliminate the harmful effects of poor air filtration, including compressor fouling, and to maintain gas turbine efficiency.

Power Generation - Trailer Power (2) 1

Trailer Mounted Gas Turbines

Mobile gas turbines are used in remote locations where temporary emergency power generation is required quickly. These transportable trailer-mounted packages can be located in many different environments, which can make finding the right air filtration solution a challenge.

This application presents very different and unique challenges. Compact solutions that are easy to install and replace are preferred. So too are filters with long service life and proven reliability as it is not always practical to replace filters regularly in these locations.

In this application, the gas turbine may need to start cold on many occasions, so keeping the engine clean through optimum filtration is a must. AAF can offer a solution to suit your exact requirements and increase overall gas turbine reliability and efficiency.


Back-up Power

Gas turbines can be used for emergency power generation, e.g., for hospitals and airports. Unlike power provided by the grid, natural gas lines are typically buried well underground and are not exposed to extreme weather events.

Gas turbines used for back-up power often have reduced available space and so compact filtration solutions that are quick and easy to service are desirable. Filter life is also important as changing filters frequently may not be practically possible. However, the balance is to ensure you don’t sacrifice optimal filtration when engine reliability is so hugely significant.

In this application, the gas turbine may need to start cold on many occasions, so keeping the engine clean through optimum filtration is a must. AAF can offer proven filtration solutions to suit your exact requirements and increase overall reliability and efficiency.

Case Study

AAF’s HydroShield restores compressor efficiency

The site in question operated two 195 MW GE Frame 7FA gas turbines that were being operated in a power generation application. The units were in New York, next to several sources of air contamination, which resulted in a compressor efficiency decrease of approximately 3.9% over six months. AAF upgraded the existing F9 cartridges to HydroShield EPA E11. Find out exactly how this improved performance levels.

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