Cartridge Filtration System

Cartridge-based air filter solutions for gas turbines

AAF’s Cartridge Filtration Systems for gas turbines offer robust and highly effective solutions for challenging environmental conditions. They are widely used in high dust laden environments where filter elements with surface loading properties are pulsed to effectively remove particles and extend filter life. Differential pressure spikes are avoided and the gas turbine compressor is protected from contamination and corrosion.

Cartridge filtration systems are tailored to suit given operational and environmental conditions. Installations are fitted with appropriate levels of heating or cooling, moisture removal and pre-filtration. AAF specify filtration in accordance with customer requirements and operational conditions with entry level, fine and (H)EPA cartridge filter elements available in a range of geometries.

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Self-cleaning option for longer filter life

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Proven protection maintains gas turbine efficiency

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wide filter range for every application

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Features & Benefits

  • AAF’s cartridge filtration systems are available in crossflow and upflow and to suit most gas turbine applications.
  • AAF’s DuraShield filter cartridge range is very versatile and is specified according to operational environment. Solutions are available for high concentrations of dust, high humidity, and high levels of bulk water.
  • AAF’s HydroShield (H)EPA cartridges with efficiencies up to 99.9% maintain ‘as new’ gas turbine efficiency, lower total fuel use and can eliminate water washes. They are ideal where corrosion is an issue and in environments with a high concentration of hydrocarbons.
  • Cartridge filter elements are available in a wide range of geometries and sizes.
Case Study

AAF’s HydroShield restores compressor efficiency

The site operated two 195 MW GE Frame 7FA gas turbines that were being operated in a power generation application. The units were in New York, next to several sources of air contamination, which resulted in a compressor efficiency decrease of approximately 3.9% over six months. AAF upgraded the existing F9 cartridges to HydroShield EPA E11. Find out exactly how this improved performance levels.

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