Onshore Static Filtration System

Versatile filtration solutions for onshore gas turbine and compressor applications.

AAF’s Static Filtration Systems for gas turbines have been installed by AAF since the 1960s and are a highly effective and extremely reliable system. They also offer a large amount of versatility and flexibility, allowing the required amount of air treatment stages to be installed to suit the environmental operating conditions. This includes heating and cooling solutions, moisture removal, pre-filtration, and fine filtration up to and including EPA grade filters.

Static Filtration Systems offer excellent protection for your gas turbine and can maintain compressor cleanliness, increase availability, and reduce operational expenditure. These systems are durable and dependable and thanks to AAF’s advances in filtration technology are now extremely versatile. Static filtration systems can be upgraded to meet changing demands and the right combination of filter elements can be used to address specific environmental challenges or operational demands.

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Extremely versatile filtration system

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Highly effective and durable

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Multi-stage approach to maximise performance

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Features & Benefits

  • Static filtration systems are commonly used on all sizes of gas turbine air intakes. AAF has extensive experience at designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and optimising filtration systems for both heavy frame and aero-derivative gas turbines.
  • AAF’s static filtration systems offer a complete line of solutions to protect your gas turbine and meet your performance goals.
  • A modular range of filtration options provides a platform for achieving higher performance as expectations within your business increase.
  • AAF’s advanced technology filters are certified to international and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) standards.
Case Study

AAF's HydroGT replaces failing cartridge system

Our customer operates an 8 MW Solar Tauras 60 gas turbine for generating power, heating and chilling in a paper mill in Germany. The operator was experiencing compressor fouling and high pressure loses. Learn how operational performance was transformed through improved filtration.

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