EPA E11 ASC filter for gas turbines

Specifically designed to significantly reduce compressor fouling and the number of water washes required for your gas turbine. The HydroPak is suitable for all ASC filter housings and offers an outstanding combination of filtration efficiency, low cost of operation, and filter life.

The EPA E11 filtration grade of the HydroPak protects against corrosion, increases gas turbine availability, and lowers operating expenditure. It helps prevent lost power due to compressor fouling, increases fuel efficiency, and improves engine reliability. The accumulative effect is a reduced total cost of ownership resulting in operational peace of mind.


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Prevents salt and water ingestion

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Increases gas turbine availability

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Long filter life

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Features & Benefits

  • Initial efficiency of >95 % at the most penetrating particle size, HydroPak ensures maximum available power output by maintaining compressor cleanliness.
  • HydroPak utilises a proprietary media that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, ideal for high humidity, bulk water, and hydrocarbon environments.
  • Water washing intervals are significantly extended, reducing downtime and maintenance shutdowns.
  • Low pressure drop, resulting in higher power output and lower fuel consumption.
  • Optimum performance is achieved using the ASC’s Integral Secondary Air System.
Case Study

AAF’s ASC System transforms GT performance in the UAE

The site in question operates several gas turbines in Dubai, UAE at an Aluminium Smelter. All originally fitted with reverse pulse cartridge systems, the operator could not achieve a filter life beyond 9 months. There was also evidence of compressor fouling and hence reduced engine performance. An ASC Filtration System was installed to compare performance levels against an existing Cartridge System and the results showed a step change in performance levels with the ASC System.

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