Self-cleaning cartridge filtration system for diesel & gas engines

The AAF D-PowerPak® self-cleaning cartridge filtration system has been cleaning intake and ventilation air for diesel & gas engines for over fifty years. It is widely used in environments with high dust concentrations and uses dry filter cartridges as the filtering media. The filter elements have surface loading properties and are pulsed to remove particles and extend filter life. This self-cleaning filtration system reduces maintenance and avoids differential pressure spikes.

Inlet air enters the D-PowerPak® through the weather louvre and dust carried on the airstream settles on the surface of the filter cartridges. Compressed air is systemically reverse pulsed through the filter to remove the surface dust and recharge the filter element. The cleaning cycle starts from the upper row to the lower row and the collected dust falls into the dust tank. This can be easily cleared out through the hinged access frontal hatch.

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Self-cleaning system for longer filter life

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Proven protection to maintain engine performance

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Reliable and low maintenance

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Features & Benefits

  • AAF’s self-cleaning DuraShield filter cartridges are available for the D-PowerPak.
  • Versatile product range ensures the filter you receive will meet your environmental and operational goals.
  • Proven and reliable filter system with over 50 years in the diesel and gas engine market.
  • Collected dust can be easily cleared out through the hinged access frontal hatch.

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