Engine Acoustic Solutions

Silencers and baffles for inlet, ventilation, and exhaust systems

An unsilenced diesel and gas engine can emit noise sound pressure levels equivalent to a standard jet engine if left untreated. Noise control or noise suppression is a field AAF International has been operating in for many decades. Offering a wide range of noise mitigation solutions for a diesel and gas engine combustion air inlet system, ventilation system, and the exhaust system.

A diesel or gas engine silencer or baffle is used to meet overall noise control requirements. Once the acceptable sound level has been established it is then a matter of determining the amount of attenuation needed to reduce the noise to the desired level. Products include a wide range of silencers and baffles that can be designed to meet customer specifications. This includes inlet silencers, exhaust silencers, baffles, and specialist products where high levels of attenuation are required. Silencer upgrades and modifications are also available.

Group 8-1

Improve noise control

group 40

Low airflow resistance

group 39

Specialist products available

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Features & Benefits

  • High-performing silencers with large attenuation values achievable.
  • AAF’s diesel and gas engine silencers and baffles perform well at low frequencies.
  • Simple and robust construction with low thermal stresses.
  • All silencers have optimum airflow to reduce pressure drop and extend service life.

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