Onshore Oil & Gas Industry Solutions for Gas Turbines

Gas turbines and compressors are widely used across oil and gas industries. Installing the optimum air intake filtration solution to eliminate costly downtime and increase overall reliability is the primary aim.

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid form. It requires significantly less volume than natural gas in the gaseous state, which makes it very suitable for storage and for transportation.

LNG land-based processing plants are typically located at the coast, close to the source of the natural gas and load ocean-going LNG tankers for international distribution. Gas turbines are an integral part of an LNG plant both for power generation and to compress refrigerants in the production process. If they are not operational it results in production downtime.

AAF has a range of dedicated filtration products that will eliminate downtime, maintain gas turbine efficiency, provide longer filter life, and improve overall reliability and profitability.

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Gas Transmission

In its gaseous form, natural gas is transported from the point of extraction to an end destination through pipelines. Natural gas transportation or transmission requires thousands of miles/kilometres of pipelines. During those long distances, pressure loss will occur naturally and so it is necessary to have regular compressor stations to maintain pressure.

These stations are commonly driven by mechanical drive gas turbines and ensure the natural gas is pressurised at regular intervals. The location of these compressor stations is typically remote and may not have a crew on site.

Gas turbine reliability is a top priority to eliminate the risk of unplanned downtime. AAF’s filtration solutions will eliminate downtime, maintain gas turbine efficiency, provide longer filter life and improve overall reliability.

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Refineries & Processing Plants

Oil refineries and petrochemical plants regularly use gas turbines for combined heat and power (CHP) and industrial compressors for operational processes. Crude oil is separated into petroleum products which are used for fuels, surfacing roads, and as feedstocks for making chemicals.

The principle is very similar in natural gas processing plants where raw natural gas is processed before it is used downstream. Gas turbine reliability and availability are crucial in this application. Maintaining a high compressor efficiency and avoiding unplanned downtime will lead to higher production capacity.

To achieve this, various filtration stages will be required, including EPA filtration, which has a high filtration efficiency and removes much smaller particles. This retains compressor efficiency, eliminating downtime and increasing overall reliability.

Case Study

AAF’s AmerShield Reduces Gas Turbine Maintenance

The AmerShield pre-filter is a proven and accepted product in sites all around the world. It is extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, including high levels of moisture and humidity, pollen, insects, industrial pollution, and sea salt aerosol found in coastal and offshore installations.

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