Iodine Trap

Nuclear activated charcoal filter

AAF’s Iodine Trap is a high quality activated carbon filter designed for AAF’s CSE Filter Housing or equivalent Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) filter systems. These filters use activated carbon with high porosity to meet adsorption needs and prevent iodine dispersion during normal operation or in the event of an incident. Iodine is created by fission inside the fuel rods and can be present in the form of a gas or aerosol in the atmosphere of contaminable areas of the plant.

Activated charcoal is tested by a French Nuclear Laboratory and meets the highest nuclear standards for nuclear iodine air filtration.

Group 8-1

Compliant with ASME AG-1,ANSI/ASME N 509 and N 510

Group 19 Copy 2

Dedicated filter for contaminable areas

Group 84-1

Eliminates the risk of iodine dispersion

Iodine Trap_F&B 1

Features & Benefits

  • Activated carbon is of plant origin and has undergone a chemical treatment to give it a high porosity and meet the absorption needs.
  • Auto-ignition temperature of AAF’s premium activated carbon is over 400 °C.
  • Resistance to irradiation under 400kGy according to ASME AG-1.
  • M3 fire resistance according to NFP92-507.

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