Nuclear CSE Housing

Nuclear Side Access Filter Housing

The AAF CSE Housing is a nuclear Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) filtration system. This side access air cleaning system is a dedicated solution for the nuclear industry. It is widely used across nuclear power plants due to its simplicity, reliability, and its safety. Maintenance personnel are always protected from direct contact with the filters or the interior of the housing. This eliminates the risk of any potential hazardous contaminants being released during the filter change-out.

This style of housing can be supplied with any number of connected sections to contain a range of filter stages, including pre-filters, HEPA filters, and charcoal adsorbers. To prevent any leakage of contaminants during filter replacement at no time during the change-out process is the external atmosphere exposed to contamination from within the filter housing.

Group 8-4

Safe filter change-out process

Group 84

Reliable clean air for nuclear power plants

Group 8-1

Compliant with ASME AG-1, ANSI/ASME N 509 and N 510

CSE Housing_F&B 1
CSE Housing_F&B 2
CSE Housing_F&B 3

Features & Benefits

  • CSE Filter Housings have a flexible design available, which typically use carbon/charcoal as the adsorbent, pre-filters and HEPA filters.
  • Each filter seals against the air entering face of the frame to prevent interior contamination build-up.
  • Each cell can have up to three filters per door for maximum protection.
  • Carbon, 316 or 304L Stainless Steel construction.
  • Specialist paints available with good radiation resistance.

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