Nuclear Grade Pre-filters

Choose from a range of options including MetaNet, ChevroNet and VariCel

AAF offers a wide range of nuclear grade pre-filters with a range of filtration efficiencies to ensure we can offer a suitable combination of filters in any air filtration system in a nuclear power plant. Pre-filters serve to protect and extend the life of HEPA filters, removing larger particles from the airstream. They can also be used as central filters in systems where HEPA filtration is not required.

Our nuclear grade pre-filter product range begins with our entry-level nuclear grade MetaNet. This washable metal pre-filter has a filtration efficiency of up to G2. For added protection, the nuclear grade ChevroNet has an efficiency up to G4 and has been supplied to nuclear power plants around the world. Finally, if you are looking for maximum protection then the nuclear grade VariCel filters have a high dust holding capacity, low airflow resistance and a filtration efficiency up to F9, the perfect complement to AAF’s AstroCel III NG HEPA filter.

Group 27-1

Protects & extends the life of HEPA filters

Group 21

Flexible product options

Group 8-1

Fully compliant to latest standards


AAF’s nuclear grade MetaNet pre-filters are washable metallic filters designed for use in nuclear ventilation, and air cleaning systems. MetaNet filter media consists of multiple layers of pleated galvanized wire which creates an effective barrier for particles and performs well in high moisture applications.

  • Washable metal nuclear grade pre-filter
  • Filter efficiency up to G2 coarse 35% ISO16890
  • Temperature limit 500 °C
  • Available in galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum

AAF’s nuclear grade ChevroNet is a lightweight medium efficiency pre-filter range, used widely in ventilation systems and air conditioning systems in nuclear power plants. These nuclear grade synthetic pre-filters are well proven, easy to install, have a high dust holding capacity, and a long service life.

  • Nuclear grade pre-filter with synthetic media
  • Filter efficiency up to G4 coarse 70% ISO16890
  • High dust holding capacity and long service life

AAF’s nuclear grade VariCel is a high efficiency pre-filter range, designed for the removal of atmospheric dust and particulate from nuclear power plant air streams. These filters have low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity and a high particle removal efficiency.

  • Premium nuclear grade pre-filter
  • Filter efficiency up to F9 ePM1 80% ISO16890
  • 100% relative humidity moisture resistance

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