Filter Wall

Wall of air filters for nuclear air inlets and air ventilation

AAF’s Filter Walls are installed into the inlet of nuclear power plant buildings or rooms which need a high flow rate. They can also be used to provide filtered ventilation air. This can be used to ventilate a backup diesel engine, allowing air to circulate freely around the engine and in doing so removing excess heat generated.

An AAF Filter Wall can also be installed into existing Walk-in Filter Housings to permit the highest flow rate filtration stages. The dimensions and specifications are fully customisable. The filter wall can be fitted with pre-filters or high-efficiency filters, on one or both sides. The unit can even be equipped with a handling platform to facilitate maintenance.


Larger system with full flexibility

Group 21

Wide range of filter efficiencies

Group 50

High flow rate compliant

Filter Wall_F&B 1

Features & Benefits

  • The filter wall is easy to install and can be directly fixed into wall holes that are seismically qualified.
  • Arrives complete with pressure gauges and temperature sensors.
  • Available as an upgrade to existing Nuclear Walk-in Filter Housings.
  • Reliable welded construction.

Here to support you

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