Iodine Adsorption Filter Housing

Nuclear activated charcoal duct filter housing

AAF’s Iodine Adsorption Filter Housing is a specially designed air cleaning system for the contaminable areas of a nuclear power plant. AAF Iodine Adsorption Filter Housings use reloadable activated carbon, with a high porosity to meet adsorption needs. This prevents iodine dispersion during normal operation and in the event of an incident. Iodine is created by fission inside the fuel rods and can be present in the form of a gas or aerosol in the atmosphere of contaminable areas of the nuclear plant.

Each AAF batch of charcoal is tested by a French Nuclear Laboratory and meets the highest nuclear standards for nuclear iodine filtration. The reloadable system is easy to refill and replace and all AAF nuclear housings are built and tested in accordance with the required industry standards.

Group 84-1

Dedicated filtration for contaminable areas

Group 8 Copy 3

Reloadable system with low maintenance

Group 50

Suitable for high airflow rate

Iodine Adsorption_F&B 1

Features & Benefits

  • Systems can be designed to suit customer specifications.
  • Reloadable activated charcoal can be purchased in a drum for secure shipment.
  • Auto-ignition temperature of AAF’s premium activated carbon is over 400 °C.
  • Activated carbon is of plant origin and has undergone a chemical treatment to give it a high porosity to meet the absorption needs.

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