Diesel and gas engine final filter for the oil bath filter system

ChevroPak is a high efficiency secondary filter designed for diesel and gas engine oil bath filters. It is a dedicated final filter for AAF’s MultiDuty oil bath filter system, ensuring the optimum filtration efficiency and performance. Each filter has two parts, a removable filter pad that sits at the front of the filter frame and an integrated filter that is sealed to the filter frame. It utilises AAF’s impress technology media, which offers an outstanding combination of advanced filtration technology and coalescing performance.

The ChevroPak’s pleat spacing allows the filter media to load evenly and maintain a low resistance to airflow, serving to maximise filter life. It has a very high dust holding capacity and there is no risk of bypass as after the removable filter pad the second filter is bonded to the plastic frame. The oleophobic media in the ChevroPak filter pad is effective at coalescing oil carryover which falls out of the airstream to the bottom of the filter.

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Secondary filter for oil bath filter systems

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Increase filtration efficiency

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Improve overall diesel and gas engine performance

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Features & Benefits

  • The ChevroPak will enhance the MultiDuty system, increasing the filtration efficiency to F7 (EN779: 2012).
  • The ChevroPak filter pads can be replaced to remove oil carryover and preserve the second filter – which is bonded to the filter frame.
  • The optimum filter to increase the performance of AAF’s MultiDuty oil bath filter system.
  • Lightweight construction allows for easy installation and removal.

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