Diesel and gas engine final filter for the oil bath filter system

ChevroNet is specifically designed for the harsh environment of diesel and gas engine oil bath filters. It is a lightweight framed filter that is easy to install into AAF’s MultiDuty oil bath filter system, increasing the overall filtration efficiency to F5 (EN779: 2012). It also helps to reduce any oil carryover from the oil bath.

The ChevroNet is a well proven and reliable filter in this application. It has a good dust holding capacity and long filter life. ChevroNet filters have a pleated synthetic media with a densely bonded structure, allowing dirt to be collected uniformly over the entire depth of the filter. Due to its lightweight and compact size this filter is easy to ship, handle, and install. It serves to enhance overall diesel & gas engine performance levels.

Group 15-1

Designed for oil bath filters

Group 30 Copy

Increase filtration efficiency

Group 8-1

Improve overall performance


Features & Benefits

  • The ChevroNet filter has a sturdy, long-lasting galvanized steel frame that offers great resistance in harsh operating conditions.
  • Well proven final filter for AAF’s MultiDuty oil bath filter system.
  • Lightweight corrosion-resistant construction allows for easy installation and removal.
  • Upgrade to AAF’s ChevroPak filter to achieve even greater filtration performance and longer filter life.

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