Dust Louvre Filter Housing

Self-cleaning inertial separator for diesel and gas engines

The Dust Louvre Filter Housing uses inertial separation to remove dust from the airstream. It is widely used for diesel and gas engines and is a reliable and proven filtration system when used alone. However, this filter is also highly effective when used as a pre-filter to remove large particles to increase the service life and reduce maintenance on a more efficient secondary filter. It is most suitable in environments that have dry, granular contaminants such as dusts and sandstorms and with no filter media it was a low pressure drop and low maintenance costs.

When air enters the inlet apertures it firstly passes through a wire mesh screen and then into the open end of the V-shaped louvre. It is then compressed in the smaller end of the “V”, where the contaminant is removed from the airstream. The clean air exits via strategically placed slots in the louvre, while the dust-laden air is carried into a dust chute through inertial separation and conveyed by a secondary air fan for discharge.

Group 50

High efficiency for coarse dust

group 40

Low airflow resistance

Group 27-1

Long service life

Dust Louvre_F&B 1
Dust Louvre_F&B 2

Features & Benefits

  • The Dust Louvre Filter Housing has a low airflow resistance and is available for a wide range of sizes/airflows.
  • Dust arrestance is 92% on coarse road dust and 78% on fine roads dust, making it a very suitable system to remove larger particulates and reduce the impact on a more efficient secondary filtration system.
  • The system is proven and reliable and has been operating around the world for many decades now, customers benefit from a long service life.
  • Factory-assembled for easy onsite installation, it is a self-cleaning system with no filter media to replace resulting in very low maintenance costs.

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