Gas turbine intake cooling with an instant payback

Gas turbine power output is affected by the temperature of the air entering the compressor. If the temperature is above 15 °C (59 °F) there is a loss of power, however, this power loss can be recovered by cooling the air entering the compressor. AAF’s InstaKool is a unique gas turbine cooling solution that can restore lost power output, improve fuel efficiency and significantly increase revenue.

InstaKool is an add-on cooling solution that is installed upstream of the filters. The intelligent design is quick and easy to install and typically paid back within 12 months (depending on the individual operating environment). InstaKool is programmed to run at its optimum operating point to maximise power output, maintain a stable differential pressure and provide the highest potential return of investment. AAF’s Optimize, the data driven gas turbine evaluation service is used to provide a forecast of potential savings.


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Group 37-1

Maintain power output

Group 30

Increase operating income

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Short payback period

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Features & Benefits

  • InstaKool controls relative humidity with everyday water quality and no requirement for demineralised water.
  • Restore lost power output with no structural change to the existing gas turbine filter housing.
  • InstaKool is installed in front of the filters, eliminating the risks associated with traditional downstream cooling, including foreign object damage, water accumulation and corrosion.
  • AAF’s intelligent control system adjusts water flow to achieve the lowest possible air temperature to maximise power output and maintain a stable differential pressure.
Case Study

InstaKool Boosts Power Output for SRI

Our customer operates a GE Frame 6 gas turbine for generating power at an oil refinery in Italy. The operator was experiencing power loss for approximately 8 months of the year due to higher summer temperatures. Learn how power output was restored and operational performance was transformed through AAF instaKool.

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