Offshore diesel and gas engine filter

The HydroCel high efficiency offshore filter delivers outstanding protection for diesel and gas engine applications. It has been specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by offshore filtration systems, providing protection against salt and moisture.

HydroCel ensures dependable performance and power output in the most challenging of operating environments, helping to extend component life and decrease maintenance costs. In addition, higher efficiency grades significantly reduce fouling and lower operational expenses.


Salt & moisture protection

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High dust holding capacity

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Low pressure drop

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Features & Benefits

  • HydroCel’s purpose made proprietary media acts as a reservoir for water, salt, oil, hydrocarbons and dust capture.
  • Protects diesel and gas engines so operators can enjoy substantially longer component life and engine reliability.
  • The HydroCel utilises depth-loading media to ensure a high dust holding capacity, resulting in a longer filter life.
  • HydroCel technology is well proven and has been used in offshore gas turbine protection for over 20 years.

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