Gas turbine final filter with Impress® technology.

The AAF TurboShield is a purpose-built secondary and final filter protecting gas turbines and other rotating equipment. It is designed for optimum filtration performance with low airflow resistance.

Utilising Impress® pleating technology, the TurboShield has ideal V-shape pleats for smooth airflow. This results in a very low airflow resistance, which contributes to maintaining peak power output. The pleat formation is also mechanically stable and well supported, allowing the media to resist distortion even under high pressure loads.


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Group 37

Maintains engine cleanliness

Group 30 Copy 2

Full media utilisation extends filter life

group 40

Low airflow resistance

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Features & Benefits

  • TurboShield maintains engine cleanliness, eliminating the need for frequent offline water washing and unplanned downtime.
  • Suitable in coastal or high moisture applications and urban and industrial applications with heavy dust concentrations.
  • The TurboShield’s vertical pleats enhance moisture drainage and allow coalesced water to drain down to the bottom of the filter.
  • Low initial resistance, high strength media and full media utilisation extend filter life.

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