Stejasa Damper Support

Customer support service for gas turbine, engine and industrial dampers

Over time and constant use, dampers need to be correctly maintained to continue to play a critical part in your performance objectives. At AAF, our mission is to offer first-class customer service and support throughout the lifecycle of your plant. With thousands of Stejasa Dampers installed around the world AAF is set-up to offer the right level of support to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Stejasa Damper customer support and services include erection, commissioning, maintenance, repairs, spare parts, upgrades, and modifications. We can assess your current operational conditions and where relevant can offer new solutions to improve or upgrade your damper. Our aim is to increase efficiency, extend the life of your equipment and to provide long term savings. Find out how by contacting AAF for further information.

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Extend the operational life of your Stejasa damper

Group 36

Increase the efficiency of your equipment

Group 8-1

Reduce downtime and increase reliability

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Features & Benefits

  • From initial inspection to erection and commissioning, AAF’s team has the expertise and experience to support your Stejasa damper installation and start-up.
  • All dampers have a service and maintenance cycle and AAF’s dedicated team can support you onsite. This team can also be contacted for advice and are happy to address all your queries.
  • At AAF we will support you throughout the lifecycle of your Stejasa Damper and can advise which critical components and spare parts to keep in stock.
  • Upgrades and modifications are often a critical part of how production processes become more refined. As things change contact our experience field services team to discuss a potential efficiency improvement.

Here to support you

Our experts are here to help you and guide you to the best solution to improve your operational performance.