HydroGT V450 upgrades paper mill operational performance

The site in question was a paper mill in Germany, which was using its Solar Taurus 60 gas turbine to generate power, heating and chilling. The existing cartridge filtration system was not suitably protecting the gas turbine against seasonal pollen and high levels of humidity.


Old failing static cartridge system

The air inlet filtration system on the gas turbine consisted of an upflow cartridge system, with F9 filter cartridges (in accordance with EN779:2012) and each filter element was fitted with a G4 pre-filter wrap. The pulse system was not operational, so the cartridges were static. The operator was experiencing compressor fouling and high pressure spikes during mist, fog and rain events as well as high pressure loss due to seasonal pollen deposits on the pre-filter wraps. As a result of poor filtration, the unit was experiencing performance degradation up to 10% and an increase in heat rate.

The solution was a complete overhaul of the cartridge filtration system transforming it into a barrier filter system and fitted with AAF’s DuraGT and HydroGT V-bank or minipleat filters. To discover the energy savings and improved filtration achieved download the full case study.

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Enter your details to download our case study