DuraPak SN

Synthetic nanofiber ASC filter for diesel and gas engines

The DuraPak SN ASC filter has been specifically designed to protect diesel and gas engines in high dust environments with high humidity. The high F9 (MERV 15) filter efficiency provides sustainable performance over the operational life of the filter, increasing performance, reducing fouling, and lowering maintenance costs. The 100% synthetic media is hydrophobically repellent, allowing it to withstand high humidity from mists, fogs, or sustained levels of rain.

The DuraPak SN excels in extreme environments that combine high dust and high humidity. The product has excellent pulse recovery to maintain a low pressure drop and has a very high dust holding capacity. This results in a long filter life, even in this type of extreme environment.

Group 50

Protection in high dust applications

Group 23

Suitable for sustained high humidity

Group 38

Reduced maintenance & operational costs

ASC_F&B 2 (2)

Features & Benefits

  • The synthetic media will not swell when saturated and differential pressure will not spike during prolonged humidity.
  • Nanofiber outer layer provides excellent dust release during pulse cleaning, which helps to lower energy costs and improve efficiency.
  • Optimised pleat geometry reduces pressure drop and increases dust holding capacity.
  • Highest level of filtration efficiency for extreme, high dust and high humidity environments.

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