AstroCel GT

High efficiency gas turbine final filter

The AAF AstroCel GT is a high efficiency gas turbine filter, that provides a large dust holding capacity, a long filter life and very reliable performance levels. The AstroCel GT delivers EPA E12 protection, helping to extend component life and reduce maintenance costs.

Compressor fouling and the need for offline water washing will also be removed or significantly reduced, resulting in increased machine availability and reduced operational costs. The AstroCel GT is a proven solution, successfully protecting hundreds of gas turbines all over the world.


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Group 24

Maximum engine protection

Group 37

Reduced compressor fouling

Group 27 Copy

Extended filter life


Features & Benefits

  • AstroCel GT gas turbine filter ensures maximum available power output by maintaining compressor cleanliness.
  • The extended media area and large dust holding capacity extends the life of the filter, allowing the gas turbine to operate for longer.
  • AstroCel GT’s ability to reduce fouling of the compressor allows the gas turbine to operate more effectively and increase fuel efficiency.
  • The high capacity of the AstroCel GT reduces installation space by using fewer filters for a given volume of air.

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