AmerKool M81

Demister coalescing pad for gas turbines

AAF’s AmerKool M81 demister coalescing pad is a heavy-duty, highly efficient mist eliminator pad that can be used in high moisture applications. Specially designed for gas turbine air inlet applications that are already furnished with metal holding frames or AAF RenuFilter retaining frames.

The AmerKool M81 operates at a low pressure drop, it is economical and robust enough for airflow velocities typically found in gas turbine air inlet applications. The pad is made from a thick blanket of continuous filament glass fibres. A specially formulated water-resistant binder is applied during the glass spinning process that allows the media to maintain its thickness and resilience even when saturated.


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Very High Droplet Removal Efficiency

Effective against fogs and mists

Group 30


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Long service life

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for applications with free moisture such as coastal environments or sites with frequent mists and fogs.
  • The dirty air side is coloured blue for easy identification and is easily replaceable.
  • Open weave fibre pattern on the air entering side and a tighter weave on the air leaving side to maximise full utilisation of the media.
  • The AmerKool filter pad has a low pressure drop and is lightweight for quick and easy installation and removal.

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