AmerKleen M80

Pre-filter pad for gas turbines

AAF’s AmerKleen M80 pre-filter media pad is designed for gas turbine air inlet applications that are already furnished with metal holding frames or AAF RenuFilter retaining frames. It provides a low-cost and lightweight prefiltration solution.

The AmerKleen M80 is a disposable glass fibre pad. This pad consists of continuous glass fibres which become smaller and the weave progressively tighter from the air entering to the air leaving side. This structure allows dirt to penetrate deep into the media, utilising the full depth of the pad.


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Group 8-4

Glass fiber pad with progressive density

Group 8-1

Strong resilient design

Group 19 Copy 2

High dust holding capacity

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Features & Benefits

  • The AmerKleen M80 pad is suitable for applications with dry dust types, the dirty air side is coloured yellow for easy identification.
  • By compressing the AmerKleen M80 pad into a retaining metal frame, the density, and therefore the efficiency of the filter is increased even further.
  • Impregnated media for increased dust holding capacity and a low pressure drop.
  • Lightweight for quick and easy installation and removal.

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