AAF’s GE 9E gas turbine filtration system upgrade

Total asked for AAF’s support after it was stuck in a cycle of replacing its pre-filters, which were G4 panels, up to four times a year on two GE 9E gas turbines.

In the relatively short spring season when airborne pollen and other natural contamination was at its highest the pre-filters had to be replaced on two separate occasions.


Innovative removable pollen screen
AAF's 9E Filter Housing
AAF’s 9E Filter Housing

Regularly replacing pre-filters resulted in a reduction in availability and severely impacted the Total refining process. AAF upgraded the existing filtration system to increase the dust holding capacity and the final filter efficiency.

To address the seasonal issue, AAF came up with an innovative solution adding a removable pollen screen upfront of the filter house. The screen collects most of the flowers/trees seeds during spring and will be dismantled for the remaining part of the year. To discover how the maintenance interval was extended from 3 months to over 18 months please download the full case study.

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