Navigating Career Paths: From University to Professional Growth

Transitioning from university into the world of work is an exciting time, but it can also be uncertain – whether that’s knowing what’s out there, or what the company will be like when

you do get the job. So during National Careers Week, we wanted to take the opportunity to inspire and inform you about the diverse paths that await you at AAF.

To do this, let’s introduce Oliwia. She shares her path to professional fulfillment and advice for future graduates.

University Graduate to Finance Professional

Oliwia is a diligent and ambitious individual whose academic journey began at the University of Portsmouth, where she graduated with first-class honours in Business Economics.

“With a broad spectrum of interests spanning business, finance, and project management, I next pursued a master’s degree at Newcastle University, specialising in Accounts, Finance, and Strategic Investment.”

This academic foundation laid the groundwork for her career. However, upon graduating, Oliwia found herself at a crossroads – unsure of which particular path to pursue and what opportunities were out there.

“It was during this time of exploration that I stumbled upon a Finance Graduate role at AAF through LinkedIn. I was intrigued by AAF’s core values and the comprehensive exposure promised by the position.”

Oliwia seized the opportunity and embarked on her journey with AAF.

“Starting in the Accounts Payable department, I gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of financial operations. As I acclimated to my role, I gradually expanded my responsibilities, delving into bank reconciliations and eventually transitioning to more specialised tasks in management accounting.

“The supportive environment at AAF, coupled with hybrid and flexible working arrangements, gave me a seamless balance between work, personal life, and ongoing studies towards a CIMA qualification.”

Advice for Future Graduates

Reflecting on her journey, Oliwia emphasises the importance of perseverance and strategic planning.

“Aspiring professionals should cast a wide net when exploring job opportunities, even if certain roles may initially seem out of reach.

“It’s also important to set clear goals for personal and professional development. Career trajectories are rarely linear and may involve multiple transitions before finding the right fit.”

Oliwia’s journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and proactive career planning. Aspiring professionals can draw inspiration from Oliwia’s experience, recognising that each step, whether in academia or the professional sphere, contributes to their growth and eventual success in their chosen field.

Like Oliwia, you too can forge a rewarding career with us. Visit our careers page to learn more about life at AAF and explore our current vacancies. We regularly add new opportunities to our job board so make sure to check for updates.