Introducing AIVY™, the latest generation of dry dust collectors

This new range of cartridge collectors brings the filtration market exciting innovations, ensuring up to 20% of energy consumption reduction.

At AAF we are constantly striving to increase the efficiency and improve the performance of the solutions we provide our customers. But beyond that, there is always a constant focus on doing our bit for the planet and the environment, developing solutions that helps to reduce emissions and to increase the air quality within the industry.

AIVYTM, our new range of dry dust collectors, has been designed to provide the most compact, efficient, and durable option on the market. A cutting-edge range designed to provide an extremely simple and easy maintenance because of its new door system that allows accessing several cartridges at once, ensuring a faster replacement operation.

A notable pressure drop reduction is also assured as a consequence of removing mandrils to support the cartridges, but also thanks to the use of an enhanced nanofibre media. AAF proprietary and patented nanofibre outer layer on REDClean® NFR high-performance cartridges increase safety, slowing down combustion and flame propagation when handling dust with incandescent particles and ensure an optimised performance.

As a result, AIVYTM solutions help to reduce the total cost of ownership and to achieve significant energy savings, up to 20% of reduction of the energy consumption.

AIVYTM range is made up of 4 different equipment to cover any airflow (from 600m3/h up to 125,000m3/h) and any application including those on the most demanding environments.

Regardless of the equipment, the entire AIVYTM range share same goal: improving industrial air quality, protecting industrial workers from breathing harmful pollutants and the environment from unnecessary pollution while ensuring maximum efficiency in any industrial sector.