Silo Venting

The storage provided by silos is essential for bulk handling processes. However, it’s efficiency when loading and discharging will be dependent on the filtration unit selected to properly vent it.


Defining the appropriate air filtration solution

The selection of the filtration unit should start by considering the type of conveying utilized, collector pressure rating, and the flow generated.

In bulk loading / unloading systems, such as pneumatic conveying systems, the filtration unit will need to balance the positive pressure generated with the material flow capacity: lower in the case of duct systems for material handling; higher when an external fan is used, and a higher flow is generated. However, the collector will need to work at negative pressures when mechanical transports with centrifugal fans are used.

The advantage of plug & play filtration units

Highly versatile dust collectors directly integrated into the silo, with an integrated fan and a flexible configuration to balance the type of pressure the application uses, effectively supports the process and improves its performance.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

AAF’s comprehensive range of filtration units with compact configurations, easy maintenance, and with possible direct integration into the process will meet the requirements of silo venting.

These standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for conveying and transportation machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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