Oil HunterTM MD

Ensuring a cleaner and safer workplace

Oil HunterTM MD can manage an air flow up to 2,000 m³/h thanks to the use of a multi-stage filtration technology based on the combination of four filter stages.

It  performs as a modular equipment to easily create a centralized filtration system by combining different collection units.

In addition, if a stand-alone unit is required, this equipment can easily be converted into an Oil HunterTM MDP by simply adding the Plug & Play fan module, avoiding the use of an external fan to create a centralized system.

Once this Plug & Play module is installed, an optional HEPA filter can also be added on top of the equipment to increase filtration efficiency.


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Low maintenance required

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Multi-stage filtration technology



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4 Stage Filter Set

  • Washable Metal Filter: first contact with the dirty air, reducing the amount of fine oil particles that pass to the next stage.
  • Washable Mesh Filter: second stage of filtration for removing fine oil particles before passing to the upper level.
  • Pre-Coalescer Filter: protects the colaescer main filter, ensuring an
    extension of its lifetime and an improved performance.
  • Coalescer Main Filter : filtration stage of the smallest oil mist particles.


The oil mist generated during the machining process can be hazardous for operator’s health as well as for the environment and the machinery on the workshop. Collecting it will be key to ensure a safe area.

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