AmerVane HV

Offshore gas turbine droplet separator

The AAF AmerVane HV (high velocity) is a droplet separator designed for superior performance in arduous offshore, coastal, and marine environments. It has been aerodynamically optimized for high velocity gas turbine air inlet applications and is the ideal product to remove moisture from rain, fog, and mist.

Ultra-low operating pressure drop makes the AmerVane HV droplet separator a truly cost-effective first stage to any intake filter system, providing excellent free moisture removal efficiency. The modular design of the solution ensures vane cassettes can be either hinged for access to downstream filter elements or remain stationary (fixed).


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Designed for offshore, coastal and marine environment

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Market-leading moisture removal of rain, fogs and mist

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Maintenance free

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Features & Benefits

  • Rain, fog, and mist bulk droplet removal, protecting filter elements from high levels of moisture.
  • Vanes manufactured from marine-grade aluminium and contained within a framed stainless steel casing.
  • Vanes have an aerodynamic “s-hook” shape, imposing directional changes on the incoming air and causing inertial separation of water droplets.
  • Optimised at 6 m/s face velocity, the intuitive design ensures low pressure drop is maintained at high velocities.

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