REDClean® NS-E 4.4

Nanofibre conductive polyester media with AIVY MiniPulseTM

REDClean® NS-E 4.4 is a high-performance conductive polyester cartridge with a synthetic fibre and nanofibre outer layer. This format enables it to collect the smallest particles, preventing them from penetrating the media.

Its execution, which complies with the ATEX directive, allows to deal with potentially explosive dusts. Without the need for frequent changes, which makes it more durable.

The combination of polyester with REDClean® nanofibre ensures a superior performance when handling fibrous or hygroscopic dust.

REDClean® NS-E 4.4 is the most recommended media to ensure the greatest filtration efficiency on AIVY MiniPulseTM size 4.4 equipment.


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Group 33

Fire risk reduced


Suitable for humidity applications

Group 34

Cost and energy savings


Features & Benefits

  • F9 efficiency (EN779).
  • Excellent particle retention and dust release.
  • Suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Appropriate for fibrous or hygroscopic dust.
  • Less compressed air consumption.
  • Maximum service life.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
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