Offshore & Marine Gas Turbine Solutions

Gas turbines are critical to the offshore and marine sector for power generation, propulsion, and oil and gas production. To maintain efficiency, it is imperative to install the optimum air intake filtration solution.

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Oil & Gas Platforms

In offshore oil and gas production, fixed and floating platforms rely on optimized gas turbine performance to maximize production efficiency and provide reliable power generation.

The conditions offshore are extremely harsh due to space restrictions and the high levels of salt and moisture in the air, as well as contaminants from industrial processes. This results in gas turbine fouling, corrosion and erosion which reduces gas turbine efficiency. The accepted norm to resolve the problem is a cycle of stopping production to water wash the engine.

At AAF, we can put a stop to offline water washing, a stop to turbine damage, and a stop to unplanned production downtime. N-hance® Performance Filtration is a simple EPA E12 retrofit that will provide uninterrupted operation without gas turbine efficiency loss.

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Floating Vessels

Floating vessels include floating production, storage, and offloading vessels (FPSO), which use gas turbines for power generation and oil and gas production. Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) vessels also use gas turbines to mechanically drive the refrigerant compressors in the production process and power barges use gas turbines for responsive power generation.

The filtration challenge in these applications arrives when prevailing wind picks up sea spray laden with salt, moisture, and other air contamination. This is carried into the filtration system and must be removed to avoid component damage, unplanned downtime, and reduced gas turbine efficiency.

AAF understands the marine environment and our dedicated solutions will put a stop to offline water washing, a stop to turbine damage and a stop to unplanned production downtime – view the N-hance® product page for more details.


Cruise & Military Ships

Gas turbines can be used on cruise and military ships for both propulsion and power generation. These vessels rely on reliable gas turbine performance. Due to space and weight restrictions filtration systems can be smaller, increasing the intake air velocity and making air filtration more challenging.

Due to their proximity to the sea, the prevailing wind carries air laden with salt, moisture, and other contamination into the filtration system and this must be removed successfully. Untreated, this contamination will reduce gas turbine efficiency, component life, and overall reliability.

At AAF, we have decades of experience in offshore air filtration and can help to increase gas turbine efficiency and reliability, putting a stop to turbine damage, frequent offline water washing, and unplanned downtime – view the N-hance® product page for more details.

Case Study

AAF’s N-hance receives supermajor seal of approval

At the BP Clair Platform in the North Sea, the team had to deal with the emergency situation of a catastrophic failure of a gas turbine at a third of the design life. Ultimately, this was due to the amount of salt and moisture that had been ingested. AAF worked in collaboration with BP to install N-hance Performance Filtration and transform previous expectations of gas turbine performance offshore

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