AmerGuard HV

Offshore gas turbine pre-filter for high dust and Harmattan wind.

The AmerGuard HV (high velocity) gas turbine pre-filter bag has been specifically designed to operate in offshore high velocity applications. This premium bag filter complements AAF’s N-hance Filtration System, providing excellent protection in high dust load environments such as the Middle East or from Harmattan wind in offshore West Africa.

Designed for superior performance in arduous offshore and coastal environments, the AmerGuard HV is moisture resistant, has a high dust holding capacity, and a low pressure drop. It is an excellent addition to the N-hance product range.


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Group 11

Offshore high velocity pre-filter

Group 19 Copy 2

High dust holding capacity

Group 15-1

Moisture resistant

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Features & Benefits

  • The multi-pocket design ensures a low pressure drop is maintained at high velocities.
  • Aerodynamic flute pocket separators promote full and even loading of particulate throughout the depth of the pocket filter.
  • Welded pockets are leak-free and resist bursting at high airflows.
  • Synthetic fibers resist fungal and bacterial growth, while the welded, self-supporting pockets promote longer filter life.

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