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We are committed to reducing emissions while improving the quality of the air within your workspace and enhancing your operational performance. To accomplish this, our wide range of dry dust collectors have been designed to meet the most challenging dust related issues of your industrial application.

Cartridge collectors with superior performance

AAF’s AIVYTM cartridge collectors cover a comprehensive range of airflows, from 0 CFM  up to 88,000 CFM, while keeping a compact size to reduce its footprint within your workspace. This balance between high filtration capacity and reduced floorspace makes this equipment an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor dust collection.With a lower pressure drop, NFPA compliant when needed, and different options to increase safety both for the operation and the process, they meet the requirements of many applications and industrial operations.

On those industries with high dust concentrations, PulsePak® Prime provides a compact size on a vertical arrangement, ensuring lower differential pressure and a high efficiency at a efficiency at a wide range of air flows. 

In combination with the superior performance provided by our nanofiber REDClean® media, excellent dust release is achieved at the lowest energy consumption and with fewer filter change-outs and maintenance.

With NFPA compliant options to increase safety both for the operation and the process, AIVYTM dust collectors meet the requirements of many applications and industrial operations.


AIVY CompactTM

A Plug & Play compact dust collector that includes everything necessary for an agile, easy commission and start-up. Available in different sizes for airflows between 600 CFM to 12,000 CFM, it complies with NFPA compliant for combustible dust handling and includes Bag In/Bag Out with HEPA optional systems for increased safety.

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The AIVY Compact SPKTM is a dust collection unit with an integrated spark arrestor. Specially designed for the metalworking industry and those applications where incandescent particles are generated. This Plug & Play, NFPA compliant dust collector ensures increased safety preventing fire and explosion risks.

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With a compact, modular design to ensure a reduced footprint, this collector is the best option when higher airflows are handled. With different sizes to manage airflows up to 80,000 CFM, AIVY RCTM provides several options and configurations to meet the need of many applications, ensuring a longer lifecycle and reduced TCO.

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AIVY MiniPulseTM

A small, compact, easy to maintain and operate dust collector for industrial applications below 600 CFM. This Plug & Play dust collection solution returns the product back to the operation in bulk handling processes and packaging or conveying operations.

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PulsePak Prime_Front View

PulsePak® Prime

PulsePak® Prime dry dust cartridge collector provides a high filtration efficiency when dealing with high dust concentrations on challenging industries. Available in different sizes, covers a wide range or airflows, from 3,000 CFM up to 120,000 CFM, keeping a compact size thanks to its vertical arrangement.

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Efficient bag filtration for large dust concentrations

The FabriPulse’s® wide range of bag dust collectors have been designed to meet the requirements of those industrial processes and applications with large dust concentrations in challenging environmental conditions such as high temperatures or humidity. With several sizes and options for a wide range of applications and industrial processes, FabriPulse® dust collectors can manage airflows from 2,000 CFM to 88,000 CFM, ensuring a superior performance when handling hygroscopic or sticky dust.

The Arrestall® is a highly efficient, compact, and intermittent dust collector for small and medium volume dry applications. With twelve sizes available it can accommodate airflows from 1,000 CFM up to 8,000 CFM, ensuring reduced energy consumption and increased savings by the use of an off-line cleaning system.

At AAF we understand safety is the first priority, so all FabriPulse® and Arrestall® dust collectors are available with NFPA compliant options as well as with other features to increase safety when being used both indoors and outdoors.


FabriPulse® M

With a compact size and easy maintenance, but designed to meet the needs of larger airflows: from 2,000 CFM to 12,000 CFM. Bag filters change-out can be completed in a single step being all the bags mounted on a cassette that can be easily removed and replaced. FabriPulse® M can be integrated into the application or perform as a stand-alone dust collector.

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FabriPulse® Fusion

FabriPulse® Fusion can efficiently manage large airflows in processes and applications with high dust concentrations; from 8,800 CFM up to 88,000 CFM or more by the addition of more extra modules. 

Designed to perform as a dust collector or as a process filter, this equipment shows superior efficiency when operating in outdoor challenging environments with hard to handle dust.

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Arrestall® is a plug & play, compact bag dust collector available in a wide range of sizes efficiently manage small and medium volume dry applications from 1,000 CFM up to 8,000 CFM airflows.

Easy maintenance is ensured as a result of its cassette system that allows replacing the bag filters all at once. Arrestall® integrates all elements for a quick start-up, providing energy consumption reductions by the use of a shaker mechanism of compressed air to clean the filters.

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