If not properly removed, the oil mist generated during the machining process can contaminate the indoor atmosphere of the machine shop, causing damage to the machinery.


Oil mist. A hazardous substance to control

The machining process requires the use of different type of fluids to cool and lubricate the metal treated. In general, they usually result from a mixture of oil and other chemical additives and contain micro particle metals.

When the temperature of the process cools as a result of applying these fluids, the oil mist is generated, contaminating the indoor atmosphere and emitting outdoor particles harmful to the environment.

Collecting the oil mist for a cleaner and safer workspace

In indoor environments, oil mist is a hazardous emission that needs to be collected and removed.  Continuous exposure to it can be harmful for machinists due to the concentration of metals. Additionally, if not correctly removed, it will drop down on the floor and collect on machinery, transforming the shop into a dangerous slippery area. The impact on the machinery is also significant, as any damage to these high precision machines can affect the performance, incurring an additional cost.

An oil mist collector will help solve this problem and provide  a cleaner and safer indoor environment. It will help separate the mist particles, even the smallest submicron ones, and collect them in the filter ensuring clean air is returned to the plant. The collected mist may be returned directly to the machine or collected for disposal.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

AAF’s comprehensive equipment portfolio includes an oil mist collector to ensure a safe metalworking machining process. With a compact size and a simplified maintenance, our mist collector protects the indoor environment in machining shops avoiding the risk of exposure to this hazardous substance.

This solution, in addition to our custom services, provides the perfect bundle for machining machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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