Air filtration in the pharmaceutical industry

A clean and safe working environment is required when manufacturing pharmaceutical products. In addition to protecting workers from exposure risks, the smallest contaminants must also be removed from the indoor atmosphere to ensure optimum operational performance.

Safe indoor air for a safe and optimized process

The manufacturing process for pharmaceutical products is regulated by strict guidelines and standards. Some of the operations performed can result in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and potentially toxic substance emissions. Breathing some components can be hazardous for health; direct contact with others can also be unsafe. In this scenario, keeping workers safe is the priority, and achieving it requires indoor dust emissions be controlled.

On other hand, pharma processes must be performed in the cleanest and purest environmental conditions. Fine pollutants and small contaminants can damage production equipment, resulting in reworks and additional costs.


Air filtration to increase safety and ensure air quality

Air filtration is essential in this manufacturing process, with extraction systems at every emission point to ensure proper ventilation. Highly efficient filtration media for small particles and fine dust retention are a must. Additionally, Bag-In / Bag-Out systems, that prevent direct contact with the dust collected, eliminating any contamination possibility, are required to keep the worker safe.

Potential explosives can also occur due to the characteristics of some powders, thus NFPA compliant systems on dust collectors are required to maintain the workspace safe.

Safety is also key from an operational perspective. Air quality must be in its purest condition to avoid contamination of the process, the substances used, and the product manufactured.

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