Air filtration in the aerospace industry

Ensuring air quality within the aerospace manufacturing industry can be challenging without efficient filtration solutions to remove contaminants from the indoor atmosphere and eliminate outdoor environmental emissions.

Enhanced safety to comply with industry standards

Aerospace manufacturing industry principles do not differ a great deal from many other metalworking activities. Nevertheless, the key differentiator appears when talking about the safety levels required to meet the governments and local regulation requirements.

Strict and demanding specifications apply to production to control indoor emission levels from the metallic dust and other hazardous pollutants, toxic fumes and hazardous particles generated in the metalworking activities developed. Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) need to be ensured to protect the health of workers.

On other hand, any possibility of fire, explosion, or combustion can result in a mandatory temporary shutdown, which can be devastating for any company. Maintaining the indoor atmosphere free of potentially explosive or combustible suspended dust is a key goal for reducing fire hazards and increasing safety.


Indoor air quality and safety for an optimized performance

Such a safety-oriented industry must rely on dust collection and air filtration systems that ensure indoor emissions stay under permitted levels, and avoid external environmental contamination.

Due to the characteristics of the dust generated from iron or titanium metals as well as from aluminum, carbon, chemical substances, silica, plastics, and other weld fumes, continuous filtration is required to maintain compliant indoor air quality levels.

This means that dust collection system shutdowns should be kept to a minimum. Even filters change outs or maintenance operations need to be performed quickly, so dust collectors with easy maintenance systems are recommended.

Additionally, to meet the safety standards and protocols when dealing with explosive dust, NFPA Compliant filtration systems are required.

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