Material Processing

Processing powdered material is a very demanding operation, as it involves modifying product characteristics before the final packaging. The processes for these modifications must adhere to a strict set of regulations for quality, safety, and environmental emissions.

Material Processing - Drying 50/50


Ambient conditions, high temperatures, or relative humidity can have an impact on the filtration media. Also, the overall performance of the dust collectors used to control emissions during drying processes.

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Material Processing - Mixing 50/50


Dust can be generated not only during the mixing process, but during the additives feeding or material transfer process. If the product needs to be recovered and returned to the process certain dust collectors or a filtration units will support the operation reducing indoor emissions and potential health hazards for employees.

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Material Processing - Crushing & Milling 50/50

Crushing & Milling

High vibrations and high dust concentrations are normally generated within the crushing and milling processes. Consequently, due to the dust load, dust collectors instead of venting units are strongly recommended.

The characteristics of the material milled will determine the final dust collector configuration. When treating flammable products such as coal or wood the risk of fire is usually exceedingly high. In this situation, a pre-separator or a spark arrestor is essential to avoid fire risks and explosions, extinguishing sparks before reaching the cartridges or the bags and ensuring an efficient and safe dust collection.

Material Processing - Granulation 50/50


The granulation process is based on the combination of different powder particles, so an efficient dust collection system is required to keep emissions under control and to maintain a clean and safe workspace.

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Material Processing - Tablet Coating 50/50

Tablet Coating

Maintaining a workspace free of dust is essential for the process to ensure uniformity and smoothness of the final tablet coating and for the employee’s health.

Tablet coating is not exclusive to pharmaceuticals; this operation is required for the final production of many food and beverage goods. Regardless of the industry, it is normally a very sticky process as sugar, liquids, or other film-forming polymeric materials are used.

Wet collectors are an excellent choice to ensure proper dust collection, when handling sticky dust using compact units with a small footprint. The water used in the wet collector acts as an emulsifier to make the dust less sticky so it can be removed more efficiently.

Removing dust from challenging indoor atmospheres

Normally performed indoors to ensure a controlled atmosphere, many quality and safety related requirements need to be met to be in compliant with regulations.

In these demanding workspaces, controlling exposure to dust is required not only for the sanitation of the process and the operational performance but also to ensure a safe indoor environment free of potentially hazardous particles.

In this scenario, the dust collection solution needs to be carefully planned. Depending on the industry, there are specific requirements for the final configuration and layout. Stainless-steel collectors may be required for controlling the material processing in industries such as chemicals, food and beverage, or pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, dust collectors’ compliant with NFPA regulations will be required when processing explosive dust. Spark arrestors and other explosion preventive systems to ensure a reduction of potential fire risks may also be required.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

AAF’s comprehensive range of dust collectors with different finish options and configurations as well as with fire and explosion preventive systems will efficiently meet the specific needs of material processing applications such as mixing, drying, milling, or granulating.

These standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for material processing machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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