Thermal Cutting

The environment and the employee’s protection are essential for thermal cutting operations. Metals fumes and particles can be hazardous, so controlling the safety of the process is a priority.

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Plasma Cutting

Small particles and fine dust are generated within the plasma cutting process, something that needs to be considered when selecting the best filtration solution.

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Laser Cutting

Submicronic dust and fumes that are generated during the laser cutting process determine the type of air filtration solution, the media used in the dust collector, and the filtration ratio to apply.

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Oxy Cutting

Due to the characteristics of the process, a large volume of sparks are generated and therefore spark arrestors and sometimes even pre-separators that prevent sparks from possible fire risk on dust collectors are required.

Another item to consider when selecting the air filtration solution is the extremely dirty materials being cut. Plastics, chemicals, and other contaminated particles can appear on the pieces and its presence can generate a considerable volume of sticky dust which requires superior filtration performance.

Controlling the parameters that impact the air filtration solution definition

Checking the power of the thermal source is crucial when defining the best air filtration solution. Even for the same material thickness, a higher kW will accelerate the process, increasing the dust generated, so a higher filtration capacity will be required. The material being cut will also contribute to defining the best solution. The dust produced from steel, copper, or stainless steel when cut will have a different molecular structure and as a result the air to media ratio will vary.

The efficiency of the air filtration solution will also depend on the fan size. The pressure drop of the application will determine the power of the fan needed, which, if not correctly calculated, will affect the final performance of the solution.

Finally, filtration media is one of the most critical aspects to consider when defining the best filtration solution within thermal cutting processes. Due to the characteristics of the metal dust and fumes, standard media can easily collapse so nanofiber superior performance media is recommended for an efficient dust removal.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

At AAF, we have a substantial amount of experience helping our customers increase safety and achieve a cleaner indoor atmosphere when performing thermal cutting operations. That understanding and knowledge of the requirements of the process has supported us in building a product portfolio to ensure we meet those requirements.

These standardized solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for thermal cutting machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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