Bringing clean air to Energy & Industry

AAF International has been bringing clean air to energy providers and industry customers throughout our history, supplying air filtration solutions that protect people and the environment, increase efficiency, and enhance performance.

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What we do

AAF International has been a leader in the air filtration market for over 100 years, bringing clean air to all aspects of our lives. The ‘Energy & Industry’ division serves these specific sectors with filtration technology, equipment and services, and is a fundamental part of the wider AAF business.

We serve a wide range of industries by increasing Industrial Air Quality and improving industrial processes. Our range of dust collectors reduce outdoor emissions and remove indoor air contamination to protect employees and improve industrial processes.

Within the energy sector, we have dedicated air filtration solutions for gas turbines, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial compressors, wind turbines, and nuclear power plants. Our products serve to improve safety, protect equipment, increase operational performance, and reduce emissions.

Our values

Our corporate values empower our people, determine our behaviors, drive our actions, and ensure our success. Our responsibility is to protect industrial workers from breathing harmful contaminants, protect the environment from unnecessary pollution, and protect the production assets in the energy sector. The outcome is a more productive, more efficient, and healthier world.

Values - Safety

We put safety first

Values - Our People

We seek to maximize the potential of our people

Values - Committed to customers

We are committed to our customers

Values - Integrity

We operate with integrity

Values - Adapt to change

We adapt to change

Values - Strive to grow

We strive to grow

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At AAF, nothing is more important than safety. We are committed to strengthening our safety culture through continuous improvement, learning, and innovation. This includes putting safety at the top of our performance goals and employee safety training and increasing safety engagement across the whole organisation.

As well as having dedicated employees and resources we’ve implemented the ‘Think Safe: Filter the Risks’ philosophy, which is a key part of life at AAF. Our products also serve to safeguard our customers, their employees, the wider community, and the environment.

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In AAF’s Energy and Industry business we fully appreciate the significance of product quality, working hard not only to meet but also exceed our customers’ expectations. Across our business, we are ISO9001:2015 accredited and are committed to maintaining exceptional quality standards.

That includes testing and development, where we use in-house and external testing facilities to ensure our products are built to specified international standards. With a meticulous quality assurance team, full material traceability, and continuous improvement, we continue to operate at the forefront of filtration technology.


At AAF, we are striving to constantly improve sustainability to ensure how we run our business today is not at the detriment of future generations. This includes how we run and manage our businesses but also the products we create and the solutions we provide.

We also believe in empowering our people to support community and environmental projects that improve society. This includes volunteering, charitable work and fundraising, and general involvement in our local communities. Our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Committee ensures we progress in this area.

The wider AAF business

For over a century, AAF has been bringing clean air to life through superior air filtration. We have a comprehensive and diverse global business and our experience and expertise have helped thousands of people and businesses.

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Air filtration solutions are an essential part of the energy and industrial sectors, delivering clean air that protects people and improves performance. Can you help us deliver the solutions of tomorrow?

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