Class-leading offshore gas turbine filter

AAF’s N-hance® Performance Filtration provides maximum protection for your gas turbine offshore. Maintain engine cleanliness and eliminate the need for frequent offline water washing, without the need to increase the size of your existing filter housing.

N-hance gas turbine filters protect engines against fogs, mists, sea salt aerosols, hydrocarbons, and sub-micron particulate. N-hance filters are installed all over the world and will deliver continuous operation, eliminate the risk of unexpected shutdowns, extend component and engine life, reduce CO₂ emissions, and lower maintenance costs.

Group 8

Maintain engine cleanliness & eliminate downtime

Group 30

Increase production efficiency & revenue

Group 38

Lower operational expenditure

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Features & Benefits

  • Compressor cleanliness and efficiency is maintained through EPA E12 filtration efficiency, increasing availability and eliminating frequent water washing.
  • An increase in gas turbine efficiency will see power output retained, CO₂ emissions reduced, and production efficiency increased.
  • Filter life is extended through an increased media area, while pressure drop remains low due to the geometry of the filters.
  • N-hance is a simple offshore retrofit that requires no hot work. It is a suitable upgrade for your existing air intake filtration system.
Case Study

AAF’s N-hance is the Optimum EPA Offshore Gas Turbine Filter Upgrade

NEW case study for 2023, highlighting that N-hance is not only the optimum offshore gas turbine filtration solution when you are converting from low efficiency filter bags but also when you are converting from other EPA filtration technology.

The benefits are clearly highlighted in this comprehensive case study with insight from one of the UK's leading Operators.

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