Offshore Filtration System

Filtration solutions for offshore and marine gas turbines

In the offshore environment space is in short supply and equipment needs to be as small and as light as possible. It is estimated that approximately 85% of the air inlet filtration systems that protect gas turbines offshore are significantly smaller than onshore systems and hence have a much higher airflow velocity. This is extremely significant as it makes filtration far more challenging and historically this has resulted in more air contamination reaching the engine.

In addition, air in the offshore environment contains numerous harmful airborne particles that can result in fouling, reduced engine efficiency, and have the potential to permanently damage gas turbines. These include water droplets, sea salt aerosols and industrial sub-micron particulate. Compressor and turbine blades, inlet variable guide vanes and pneumatic parts are particularly exposed to contamination and corrosion offshore. AAF is the world’s leading supplier in this field and has extensive experience in both low and high velocity applications.

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Eliminate costly frequent water washing

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Maximize performance offshore

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Simple retrofit to your existing filtration system

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Features & Benefits

  • AAF started to supply HydroCel EPA filtration into the offshore industry in the early 2000s. This required a large filter housing but resulted in a step change in filtration system performance and engine cleanliness.
  • AAF’s latest product, N-hance performance filtration, can be installed into your existing smaller high velocity filter housings and provides even greater benefits than HydroCel.
  • N-hance will enable you to stop frequent water washing your engine, stop turbine damage and stop unplanned production downtime. It will also reduce CO₂ emissions and increase overall profitability.
  • AAF can supply a new offshore filtration system or support a retrofit upgrade to an existing system.
Case Study

AAF’s N-hance receives supermajor seal of approval

At the BP Clair Platform in the North Sea, the team had to deal with the emergency situation of a catastrophic failure of a gas turbine at a third of the design life. Ultimately, this was due to the amount of salt and moisture that had been ingested. AAF worked with with BP to install N-hance Performance Filtration and transform previous expectations of gas turbine performance offshore.

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