N-hance® Ventilation

Offshore filter designed to ventilate the gas turbine enclosure

The N-hance® offshore ventilation filters are specifically designed to be installed as part of the N-hance Filtration System. They are designed to be used in filter housings which have combined combustion and ventilation systems, supplying clean air to both the gas turbine intake and the turbine enclosure.

The result of installing N-hance ventilation filters together with the N-hance EPA E12 combustion filters is a more streamlined filtration carrier system. The ventilation filters are installed in the portion of the filter house that supplies the ventilation air to the GT enclosure. The filter elements are easily identified by the yellow front panel and this clear differentiation ensures the combustion air remains protected by the flagship red N-hance filters, with EPA E12 efficiency.


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Long filter life

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Low pressure loss

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Easy to install and replace

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Features & Benefits

  • With no hot work required, a high velocity filter housing can be upgraded to N-hance with ease.
  • Moisture-resistant hydrophobic and oleophobic media is encased in high-impact plastic, this corrosion-proof design increases stability and protection.
  • The interlocking design ensures a leak-free gasket seal, eliminating particulate and water bypass around the filter frame.
  • A yellow front panel makes it is easy to differentiate between the M6 (MERV 12) ventilation filters and the red EPA E12 combustion filters.
Case Study

AAF’s N-hance receives supermajor seal of approval

At the BP Clair Platform in the North Sea, the team had to deal with the emergency situation of a catastrophic failure of a gas turbine at a third of the design life. Ultimately, this was due to the amount of salt and moisture that had been ingested. AAF worked in collaboration with BP to install N-hance Performance Filtration and transform previous expectations of performance levels.

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