Industrial Processes for the Gas Turbine Industry

Gas turbines, compressors, and industrial dampers can be found across many industrial applications, from fertilizer production to pulp and paper or data centers. To maintain efficiency, it is imperative to install the optimum air intake filtration solution for the gas turbine industry.


Gas Turbine Cogeneration

Cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power (CHP), is the production of electricity and heat from a single fuel source. This method is also used in combined cycle to generate more electricity from a steam turbine, but the steam or the heat from the steam can also be used in various industrial applications:

- Pulp and paper production processes.
- Breweries, distilleries, and food processing plants.
- Data centers in combination with absorption chillers for cooling.

Regardless of the industrial sector, the critical objectives are to maintain gas turbine availability, have a constant power output and avoid unplanned downtime. AAF can support your operational goals by providing the right filtration solution for your given application to maintain compressor efficiency, maximize availability, and increase reliability.

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Industrial Gases

Large industrial compressors are commonly used in the production of industrial gases, including nitrogen and oxygen. These plants are operational 24 hours a day and require a continuous supply of clean and dry compressed air.

The energy required for industrial gas processes is considerable. To reduce costs, the compressors used are highly efficient and compressor cleanliness must be preserved to ensure efficiency levels are maintained. Continuous operation is also essential for maximizing production capacity.

To provide clean, dry intake air that is free from harmful particles various filtration stages will be required, including EPA filtration. These specialist filters have a much higher filtration efficiency, removing the smallest particles to retain compressor efficiency and eliminate the risk of costly downtime.

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Fertilizer Production

Large industrial compressors are used in the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers and require large volumes of intake air to create pure nitrogen, which is the first stage in the process to create nitrate fertilizers.

Fertilizer production plants require a constant supply of clean intake air. Maintaining a high compressor efficiency will lead to a higher production capacity of the finished product. Since the nitric acid process is highly corrosive, it is also critical the intake air is dry and free from moisture to stop premature damage to the reactor components.

To achieve this, various filtration stages will be required, including EPA filtration, which has a very high filtration efficiency and is suitable for removing much smaller particles and retaining compressor efficiency. Moisture removal must be a key part of all filtration stages and is a key measure of success.

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Other industries

Gas turbines and large industrial compressors can also be used in other industries, but regardless of the application the principle remains the same. To maintain gas turbine efficiency, you must implement the right filtration solution for your surrounding environment to meet your operational goals. Every installation should be seen as unique and AAF would be happy to discuss your requirements.

In addition to AAF’s gas turbine, compressor, and engine filtration equipment the company also has a wide range of industrial dampers for many different applications. AAF’s range of Stejasa dampers is suitable for the food and beverage, waste incineration, cement, and steel production industries.

In most cases, the right solution is heavily influenced by operating conditions and the individual plant objectives. Speak to AAF about your specific requirements to achieve your performance goals.

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