The ultimate protection for gas turbines.

The HydroGT V-bank gas turbine filter has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate protection for your gas turbine, ensuring reliable performance and power output in the most demanding of operating environments.

The HydroGT high efficiency mini pleat filter delivers class-leading protection for your gas turbine, helping to extend component life and reduce maintenance costs. AAF’s proprietary media repels water, oil, hydrocarbons and salt, significantly reducing compressor fouling and the need for offline water washing. This results in maximum available power output, increased machine availability and reduced operational costs.


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Prevent water and salt ingestion

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Retain power output

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Reduce operational costs

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Features & Benefits

  • HydroGT’s ability to reduce fouling of the compressor allows the gas turbine to operate more effectively, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce CO₂ emissions.
  • Efficient drainage of the filter ensures performance is maintained and the gas turbine remains protected, even during moist and humid conditions.
  • Large media coverage ensures a high dust holding capacity, resulting in a longer filter life.
  • Low pressure drop doesn’t come at the expense of performance with higher power output and lower fuel consumption.
Case Study

AAF's HydroGT replaces failing cartridge system

Our customer operates an 8 MW Solar Tauras 60 gas turbine for generating power, heating and chilling in a paper mill in Germany. The operator was experiencing compressor fouling and high pressure loses. Learn how operational performance was transformed through improved filtration.

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