Nuclear Walk-In Filter Housing

Nuclear filter housing up to 30,000 CFM

AAF’s Walk-In Filter Housing is specially designed for the air intake system of a nuclear power plant. Several filtration stages can be integrated to provide added flexibility and housings are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Systems can operate up to 30,000 CFM and can include access doors to accommodate maintenance equipment and personnel in protective suits, if required.

Walk-In Filter Housings offer the greatest flexibility in selecting arrangements and process features. Individual systems can be designed to accommodate any combination and sequence of components and air volume and pressure conditions can meet specific performance requirements. The Nuclear Walk-In Filter Housing can be designed for severe seismic loads and for any harsh environmental conditions, including radiation and corrosive environments. All nuclear housings are built and tested in accordance with ASME AG-1, ANSI/ASME N 509 and N 510.

Group 8-1

Compliant with ASME AG-1,ANSI/ASME N 509 and N 510


Larger air cleaning system with full flexibility

Group 84-1

Added protection in harsh environments

Walk-in Housing_F&B 1

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for high airflow rates up to 30,000 CFM
  • Complete with pressure gauges, temperature sensors, alarms, drain connections, fire protection, lighting, and deluge pipe
  • Also available with heating coils, cooling coils, and fan
  • Pressure taps and test ports for in place leak testing
  • Reliable welded construction

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