Nuclear Grade Carbon Adsorbers

A range of nuclear grade carbon adsorbers

AAF Nuclear Grade Carbon Adsorbers remove gaseous radioactive iodine from the air stream in the form of elemental iodine (I2) or organic iodine (CH3I) by adsorption in nuclear reactor filtration systems. The charcoal adsorbent can be impregnated to improve its adsorptivity for radioactive iodines/iodides.

AAF can supply carbon adsorbers in three different filter types. In each case the adsorbent will need to be replacement at various intervals depending on plant conditions for each individual system. Speak to AAF for more details.

Group 50

Adsorbs radioactive gases

Group 8-4

Flexible product options

Group 8-1

Fully compliant to latest standards


Type II Carbon Adsorbers are reusable 304 stainless steel filter trays that meet the requirements of ASME AG-1 Section FD and N509. The trays are reusable and refillable. Each tray is loaded with impregnated carbon that adsorb radioactive iodides and other gases.

  • Each Type II tray is rated for 333 CFM
  • Reusable stainless steel tray
  • Meets requirements of ASME AG-1 and N509

The Type III Carbon Adsorber is a flexible system in which the carbon can be replaced without removing the tray or filter. The Type III is seismically qualified and proven for over 30 years. The design includes access doors for simplified maintenance, as well as temperature sensors and deluge pipe connections for fire protection.

  • Suitable for high gas flow from 2,000-30,000 CFM.
  • Pneumatic conveying system reduces exposure to contaminants.
  • Meets the requirements of ASME AG-1 Section FE.

The Type IV Carbon Adsorber is a Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) type nuclear filter. Available in several standard sizes, the Type IV can be filled with appropriate adsorbent to capture any absorbable contaminant. The Adsorber is constructed with an 18-gauge, 304 Stainless Steel frame with a 26-gauge perforated screen.

  • Each filter is rated for 1,000 – 1,250 CFM.
  • Operates at a minimum efficiency of 99.9% when tested in accordance with IEST-RP-CC-008-84.
  • Meets the requirements of ASME AG-1 Section FH.

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