Nuclear Grade VariCel

Nuclear grade high efficiency pre-filter

Nuclear grade VariCel pre-filters are a series of medium and high efficiency rigid cell side disposable filters for removal of atmospheric dust and particulate from nuclear power plant air streams. These filters have low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity and a choice of three efficiency ranges: 60-65%, 80-85% or 90-95% particle removal efficiency.

VariCel pre-filters are designed to extend the life of AAF’s AstroCel I HEPA filters or can be used in a separate duct or line mounted unit where HEPA efficiency is not required. VariCel nuclear grade pre-filters can be installed for either upstream or downstream service requirements.

group 39

Reliable clean air for nuclear power plants

Group 19 Copy 2

High dust holding capacity

Group 27-1

Extends the life of HEPA Filter

VariCel - F&B

Features & Benefits

  • Available in three filtration efficiencies: ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 11, MERV 13 or MERV 14
  • Standard galvanized frame or optional 304 or 409 stainless steel cell sides
  • Nuclear grade prefilter meeting the requirements of ASME NQA-1 and 10CFR50 App.B
  • Meets the requirements of ASME AG-1 Section FB and UL900

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