AstroCel I

Nuclear high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter

The AAF AstroCel I HEPA filter has been seismically and environmentally qualified to meet the most stringent specifications in the nuclear industry. Unlike other filter manufacturers that rely solely on their filter media qualifications, AAF has performed environmental and seismic qualifications on complete HEPA filter assemblies. These qualifications ensure that the filter will maintain functionality even during a nuclear incident.

The AstroCel I is a proven and reliable HEPA filter, the added safety protection it provides has resulted in it being listed on US Army Qualified Products List (QPL). All AAF Astrocel I Nuclear Grade HEPA Filters are designed to meet all the requirements of ASME AG-1 and ASME N509, Sections FC and FK. It is manufactured and tested under NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program meeting all requirements of 10CFR50B and 10CFR21.

Group 19 Copy 2

Removes ultra-fine radioactive particles

Group 84 Copy

High filtration efficiency

Group 8-1

Qualified under UL Standard 586 and DOE 3020

Astrocel 1 - F&B

Features & Benefits

  • Fire-retardant plywood, 409 or 304 stainless steel cell sides
  • Aluminum or vinyl coated separators
  • Neoprene dovetail or silicone gel gaskets
  • Galvanized or 304 stainless steel mesh faceguards
  • Low airflow resistance

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