The ASC Filtration System increased filter life, while keeping differential pressure low and stable

AAF's ASC Upgrade
AAF’s ASC Upgrade

In the Dubal site in Dubai, UAE the existing Cartridge Filtration System was resulting in a short filter life and high differential pressure. High differential pressure spikes were commonplace due to choking of the filter elements. High volumes of dust surrounded the filter cartridges, which resulted in particles swelling in the early morning fogs in the presence of moisture.

A new approach was required

With the existing Cartridge Filtration System pressure drop often exceeded 6 in.WG (1,500 Pa) resulting in de-loading and machine trips. The objective of the project was to ensure engine reliability even during the repeated cycles of high moisture and frequent dust storms. The aim was also to avoid forced engine power de-loading or an unplanned engine trip due to pressure drop exceeding the set point.

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